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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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organized and technicalized forms of living. Man
has lost his worth; it has been torn to tatters.
Coining out of the war, there have appeared in
the arena of history a series of human collectives,
masses of men who have dropped out of the
organized order and harmony of life, lost the
religious sanctions for their lives and now demand
obligatory organization as the sole means of
avoiding final chaos and degeneration. The
former organic, half-vegetable, life of the mass
has become impossible. All the old religious
sanctions for the power which held great masses
in organic order have vanished : no one believes
in them any more. Every bit of the ancient
prestige of authority has been finally annihilated
in our modern world.

This is not merely a negative process through
which man must pass, in order to get finally upon
his feet and realize his own powers. But it is
noteworthy that at a time when every religious
sanction of authority has vanished, we live in
a very authoritarian epoch. The urge toward
an authoritarian form of life is felt throughout
the whole world: the liberal element seems
completely discredited. But the sanctions foi:
authority are now different from what they once
were* Authority is born of new collectives, and
these collectives clothe their new leaders with
authority more absolute than was that of the